File>Save Project As

I am a new user on windows vista and audacity 2.1.1.
Before starting a recording the tutorial says to save and name the new project by selecting “File>Save Project As”. But when I do this a message box comes up saying “Save Project is for an Audacity project ; not an audio file. for audio file that will open in other apps, use ‘export’.” What is the best way to proceed in order to save work? Many thanks

When you create/save a project the audio is saved in a non-standard Audacity-only format.

After recording, you can save-as an Audacity project if you intend to do further editing, and/or you can export it as a WAV or MP3, etc.

I’d recommend you save-as WAV as a back-up immediately after recording, even if you intend to also save-as a project.

You can open & edit WAV (or other audio files) without ever creating a project.

I feel the question: How to save a project? was never completely answered.
Exporting as a .wav file, then trying to import back into Audacity for further editing, brings up a box with a confusing array of choices, one or two
of which take hours for the importation process to complete. I don’t want that.
I ask again: HOW TO SAVE A PROJECT WITHOUT EXPORTING as a .wav file (or any other type of file) so that upon command, the project instantly reappears for further editing? :frowning:

“File menu > Save Project” is the standard command.
Shortcut: Ctrl + S

If you want to save a project with a new name, to a new location, or save an empty project, use: “File menu > Save Project As”.

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