File Renaming Problems. Please HELP!


First, I’ll start by saying I effed up. A couple days ago I renamed a file name and the data file and now can’t get them to load. I typically export a aiff immediately after recording for a backup, but for some stupid reason I didn’t for this part. I read several threads and changed the FILE name, DATA file name and opened .aud file and changed “projname=” to match, but still no dice. Continues to load with the orphan block notice. Any help would be majorly appreciated! I’ve used Audacity for years with no glitches, and unfortunately this glitch I created myself… :blush:

Here’s a link to the files in hope of a miracle!


I typically export a aiff immediately after recording for a backup

Could you have been in such a hurry you didn’t leave enough time for Audacity to write the project files…?

Are you using Audacity 2.1.2? Did it offer to rescue the show the next time you opened it?

Oh, wait. It couldn’t do that because you changed the show name.

I’m out. Others may have ideas about how to manage bad blocks, but I would plan what would happen if the show never wakes up.


It’s a _data folder.

To make copies or backups, use File > Save Project As… and choose a new name.

You have 134 AU files (audio data) but the AUP file has no entries for them, so the files are regarded as orphans.

If you really have no backup of the AUP file, such as Time Machine, then you can try Recovering crashes manually. It only recovers in the correct time order for recordings that you never edited.

It looks like many of the files are in pairs with the same timestamp, so presumably a stereo recording. If you follow the steps in that link, the left and right channels will be transposed in some of the 6-second pairs, but you may get something out of it.

Alternatively, just import the AU files a couple at a time, earliest first, and rearrange them by hand. They will all import into separate tracks so, zoom out, use F5 to switch to Time Shift Tool, then drag them along.