File Recovery Probems

Hey all I’m new to the program and to this site, so bare with me on this.

I started making a track and after a while I accidently hit the " X " button and closed the program down. I could have stopped this obviously, but stupidly clicked “No” when I when I was asked weather I’d like to save my changes. All I had to do was click cancel, so annoying after I spent a while making this track. Anyway I have tried all the recovery stuff, but no luck. I’m in desperate need of some help as I really don’t fancy losing my work after a good few hours of editing, any help is much appreciated.


Unless you saved the project of exported back-ups, I’m sorry to say that it is almost certainly gone and lost forever. We highly recommend making regular backups because you never know when you might need one.

The AU files are still on the hard drive until overwritten, so potentially recoverable until then using file recovery software.

But even if you recovered all the AU files correctly, unless you can also find the last autosave file Audacity was working from, you have much work to do sorting and renaming the files. Unless this was a recording that you never starting editing, the order of the files will be changed too much.

So the answer is still no, but that gives you a bit more background.


Cheers for the info guys, not much use now though…

As their was next to no files left, I decided started my project again. This time I saved regularly and when I thought I would get off the laptop I saved one last time and the program crashed. I tried to save and I thought it had, the program closed of it’s own accord and then opened with a message saying I could open the recovery file. I did this to find the entire track completely changed. So it looks like iv’e wasted nearly 5 hours of trying to get this program to work. Shame really the first track was decent. :unamused:

Are you using the current Audacity 2.0.3? Look at Help > About Audacity.

What version of Windows?

The recovery “should” give you a state very close to when you crashed. Did you see error messages when recovering - for example were there “missing audio block files”? Help > Show Log… should give you some information.

I would File > Export as WAV from the “Recovered” project (if there are multiple Audacity tracks, select each track in turn and do File > Export Selection for each track). Then quit the “Recovered” project and don’t Save Changes. Then File > Recent Files and open the name of the AUP file for the project. If the attempted save that was followed by a crash didn’t work then you should get back to the last state where you saved the project cleanly.

If not, you have the WAV files so you are no worse off.