File quadrupled in size

The original sound file was 96MB, but after removing noise and reducing the length 8 minutes, the file, when I exported, became 488MB (exported as .wav). Is there something that I am not getting, or is this normal…

Version 2.0.6

How long was the file? Mono or stereo? What format?
From the size difference, I’m guessing that the original file was a compressed format such as MP3.

The orginal format was MP3. I just converted to MP3 after reading you message and the file size is now down to 81MB. Thank you for the response

Audacity doesn’t really edit MP3. It converts to its own internal format and then converts back out to MP3 at the other end. When it does that, the compression sound damage goes up. If all you’re going to do is simple chopping and editing, you can get higher quality sound with one of the pure MP3 editors like those in this list (scroll down).