File problem

Hello, I have a problem… When I open audacity it gives me a message like this:

I am disgusted because I dedicated a lot of time to this project. When I had opened it told me that the project had closed badly when I had closed the PC correctly… . For information the project is in .aup3, when I press validate the tracks are not there anymore…

Please help me

In English the message means: “Audacity failed to read a file in C:”.

I would be too! So if you care to zip up your .aup3 project file and upload it to a public file sharing service, then post (or PM me) a link, I’ll take a look at it.

That’s very kind of you, do you have an email address?

normally this link should work

:frowning: Unfortunately, when I run my magic, this is all I get:
There does not appear to be anything useful to recover here. :frowning:

the project had closed badly when I had closed the PC correctly

Those are different. The idea is save all the work and only then shut down Audacity. Then shut down the machine. It’s not a good idea to shut down the machine and depend on the automatic rescue system to save the show.


Du coup c’est mort ? Je dois tout recommencer ? J’avais pourtant éteint audacity correctement…

Mais je pensais que chaque partie de mes voix étaient stocké dans les fichiers…

So, I have another program that opens up a raw project file and extracts any audio snippets that are present or that may have been marked for deletion but not yet been compacted out of the project. This program found almost 9 minutes of audio “junk” in your project. I have uploaded it and sent you a link via PM.

Don’t get your hopes up. Most people find it easier to re-record than to deal with this kind of data extraction. :wink: