File not found mp3

I’m using window 10. Audacity 2.3.0 down loaded Lame. In Files (x86) Lame For Audacity. When I Export as MP3 and name file. error File no found/check file name and try again. When I export the little window has MP3 highlighted dark letters. I label the file test and get error. I use no (.) Thanks for your help. Lloyd T

I fix it. The problem is Virus protection. Not Audacity, or Lame

Turn off Controlled Folder Access:
Select Start > Settings .
Choose Update & security > Windows Defender.
Select Open Windows Defender Security Center.
Select Virus & threat protection, and then choose Virus & threat protection settings.
Under Controlled folder access, Allow an app through controlled Folder access.

  • add an allowed app.
    search apps.
    Program files (X86) Audacity
    Program files (X86) Lame for Audacity

open Audacity and was able to save file in my music.
Thank you for your help. hope this helps others. this is a great service.