file name

I have windows 7. I have exported to wav but it will not let me type in file name. Can anybody help ? Shaun

Which three-number version of Audacity do you have?

Is Audacity stopped and not just paused?

Are you using plain filenames: upper and lower case letters, numbers, dash and underscore?

I can’t think of a normal mistake which will prevent typing characters into a filename box… Is your flashing cursor in the box?


Hi Koz
I have USB turntable D6027 and Audacity 1 2 6 on my computer. I have recorded the album I want, then go into File then Export to wav. The cursor then flashes in file name. I can’t use upper and lower case, numbers, dash and underscore. Hope you can help. Shaun

Audacity 1.2.6 is ancient and no longer supported.
Audacity 2.2.0 is available via the Audacity website: