file name problem

Can anyone help me ?
When I record a file (for example a new LP which I turn into WAV), I get this :
“The name of the file is too long” , when in fact it’s the previous file’s name that is shown.
Before that problem occurred, I created a new file, giving it the name of the artist.
The only solution I could find was to record my new file under the name of a pre-existing one.
I was lucky, because I had already recorded a file under the name of the same artist.
But if I have to record, say," Bob Dylan" under the name “Rolling Stones”, it might be a bit complicated.
Another problem is this one :
Last time I recorded a track from an LP, I had the following answer :
“Sorry, the names that have more than 256 signs can’t be recorded”
when in fact the name had about twenty letters including the spaces.
Maybe the two problems (i.e. length of names) are linked.
Thanks for your help.

You can get filename insanity if you like to put punctuation marks in. Dates are classically troublesome. Today is 2015-11-10 (ISO version). Dashes-and-underscore_are_OK. Avoid anything else.


There is a “MAX_PATH” limitation of 260 characters in the complete path to the file (starting from and including the drive letter, colon and backslash, and ending with a null (invisible) backlash at the end of the file name and extension).

Thus you only have a potential real MAX_PATH of 256 characters, such as C:\your-256-character-path-to-a-file. Also any individual file or folder name cannot exceed 255 characters.

Spaces are counted as a “character” in these calculations.

So, if you have a file name that is short but Windows says it is over the 256 character limit, this happens because the folder the file is in is buried too deep in the file structure, causing the entire path to the file to exceed 256 characters. The solution is to save the file in the root of the drive or in a folder that is in the root of the drive.

This article explains it quite simply: