File name in Plot Spectrum title bar

When working on multiple files, there is no way to find which spectrum belongs to which audio file. This would be a helpful thing to add in Audacity.

I’ll add your vote for multiple spectra per project. At the moment there is only one spectrum per project, calculated for multiple tracks if multiple tracks are selected.

You can use File > Open to import a file into a new project window, which will then have its own spectrum window, but I’ll also add your vote that the spectrum should carry the name of the project.


Just want to clear up my explanation. I’m using Audacity 2.0.1 under Mac os 10.6.8.

I rarely use audacity for multiple tracks at once. I use it on stereo wave files and use the spectrum analyzer to learn about mastering.

Suppose i have two different windows open, each with a stereo wave files loaded. If i do a spectrum analysis on file 1, nothing indicates in the title bar of the spectrum analysis from which file it is.

Basically, just adding the file name in the title bar of the spectrum analysis would be fantastic.

Thanks a lot for Audacity, it’s one of the software i use the most often!

It would have to be the project name in the title bar until we supported multiple spectra windows per project, but if you only have one track per project it would amount to the same thing.

Meantime you could probably arrange the spectrum and project windows so that it is more obvious which spectrum belongs to which project.