File name change

Please explain how to overwrite a file name using the SAME file name. My project has to be completed again but the name must stay the same before exporting. I cant figure this out.
Also I dont know how to DELETE my projects I no longer want. I’m on windows 10.
Please help thank you
" The project was not saved because the file name provided would overwrite another project. Please try again andselect an original name."

As with most other Windows application software, files were made to be created and saved, and not to be deleted, particularly not by accident.

To delete a project file, first close the project if Audacity already has it open, then open the file directory containing that file in Windows File Explorer. Then Right-click and delete.

If you don’t know which directory the project file is in, Open Windows File Explorer, then locate the file under “Recent Files”. To protect you, Windows won’t let you delete the file directly from the recent file list, but if you Right-click the file again and select “Open File Location” you will then be allowed to delete the file.

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