File Merge?

mac OS High Sierra
Audacity 2.1.3

Recorded an interview using University recording studio, but the audio got divided up when I zipped the file with its data to move into Google Drive. I am left with 497 different Audacity files of around 6 seconds. Any ideas on how to merge all of these individual files back together without having to piece them together by hand?

I have done this many times before, and this is the only time that anything remotely like this has happened. I am at a loss.
[I’ve never used those tools myself though]

Check again on Google drive, just in case there is a full project available there. The project’s “AUP” file contains the instructions that tell Audacity how to build the project from the data. Without that AUP file, it’s very likely that the project is gone forever.

Found out that this recording was done on a PC running Windows. Our home machines are Mac. Could this be causing the issues? The folder has the AUP file. I can play all of the different tracks. The problem is there are a ton of them, and they are all out of order. I could conceivably piece it all back together by copy and pasting, but it would be a very elaborate audio jigsaw puzzle.

Any ideas?

Open the AUP file.
– Bill

I opened the AUP file, and it was a large print doc of code. I can’t discern any of it. What should I be looking for?

Open the AUP file with Audacity.
This article explains: