File List When Importing File(s)

Windows 7 Ultimate; Audacity 2.2.2

I’m in the process of normalizing a group of files in the same folder (about 500 files). Each time I do the import, the file names appear in alphabetical order (I’m familiar with how to change the layout here), causing me to have to scroll down through the list to get to the next file to be evaluated.

Is there any way to get the Import option to default to the last selected file, so that I would only have to move the cursor one line down?

Thank you for any help.

No, but are you aware that you can select and import multiple files at the same time?

Yes, but not what I want to do.

My purpose was to get each MP3 to be at the same (or approximate) sound level, which I thought I had done when I created them (each MP3 is one file for each album). So, I had to open each file separately, then normalize sections (each section is a song).

I came up with a better solution, albeit not the best: I created a temp folder and transferred a group of files there (about 20 at a time), then did the import from that folder. Not ideal, but nevertheless, easier to work with.