File length too long?

I have an audio file that is 7 hours 15 minutes long. When I open with Audacity, I only see up to 4 hours. How do I get the entire file to open, even if it’s in 2 separate segments??

Where did that file come from?
What format is the file?
How do you know the file is 7 hours 15 minutes long?
How big is the file (MB)?
Anything else that you can tell us about the file?

How exactly do you open the file in Audacity?
Are there any error messages when you open the file?
Does the 4 hours that opened play correctly?

It’s an MP3. I was able to get it to open (the full file) after downloading it again from the server; however, now I can’t figure out how to cut it into 2 segments. I’ve tried searching the forums and online help topics, but no luck. I did the boundary/clip, and it didn’t work.


An easy way to cut into 2 segments:

  1. Select the first half of the track, then File menu > Export Selection.
  2. Select the second half or the track, then File menu > Export Selection.