File Length Increases

I brought in a file to clean up from a video project. I needed to get rid of an annoying hum. After using the Noise Removal effect I noticed the length of my file had increased by more than 5 seconds. I am a novice to Audacity but I had successfully used it before and this didn’t happen.

How long was the show? Could we be talking about the difference between 48000 video standard and 44100 music CD standard? If your editor can’t handle the difference that could be a problem.

As much as five minutes? That may be out of range for a drop frame / non-drop error. Depending on the show.


It added about 7 seconds. So it didn’t match up when I brought it back in my video editor.

7 seconds of what? Does it have 7 seconds of silence on the end, or has the entire file slowed down/stretched?
7 seconds out of how much? How long should the file be?
Does the pitch sound correct?
Does the audio stutter?
Does the audio sound OK if you play the audio file (separate from the video)?
We can’t see or hear your computer so you need to provide much more detail about the problem.