file help if possible

This is what I got going on. Ok I recorded segments of a podcast I’m building ok and I saved it in the save as file. My problem I wanna combine the recording in my save file together as one big file. Like I got spoken words first then I got a few songs that I wanna add to it and I cant figure it out for the life of me how to put them all together. Maybe yeah can help im using 2.0.5 help me please :smiley:

That should have given you a bunch of AUP files and a bunch of similarly named _DATA folders, right? Make sure you move them in matched pairs if you have to move them at all.

Double click on one AUP and then double click on a second one. They will probably open in two different Audacities, right? Select all of one by clicking just above the MUTE button and copy it (Control-C).

Then go over to the other show and paste it to the end or wherever you want it.

If you need fine detail movement and management, make Audacity give you a second timeline (Tracks > Add New) and paste into that.

The advantage of a second timeline is you can slide the second track around and mix and match and even have two tracks running at once. Audacity will play all tracks at once unless you tell it not to. Use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows). I think there’s even a way to force a fade between the end of one and the beginning of the other. I gotta look that one up.Yoiu can always do it manually with Effect > Fade In and Effect > Fade Out.

You need to tell us the address of your podcast when you post it.


Last step. File > Export and Audacity will mix everything down to one stereo show (unless you changed it). If you add the Lame software package, you can Export as an MP3. Audacity won’t make MP3 by itself.


here is a copy of the pod cast I got it put on u tube I had to add a photo for the screen shot this is a religious podcast so anybody offended buy this don’t listen but here is the link hope you enjoy feed back please :smiley: