File gets sped up or something after put into Audacity

So every time I put a file into Audacity, it gets sped up or something. I can’t find out why I tried making it longer, but nothing worked. Please help, and thank you.

If the effect is very serious, like the song goes by in a small fraction of the expected time, there’s a good chance you’re trying to play a song file type that Audacity doesn’t recognize.

This is made more awkward by Windows insistence on hiding the filename extensions, so you can’t tell ahead of time what’s going on.

You can increase the number of different file types Audacity knows about by installing the FFMpeg software.

That and you should be in Audacity 2.1.3 for the best support. Scroll down for FFMpeg. If you are gong to eventually want to make an MP3, you’ll also want the LAME software. Audacity will not make an MP3 by itself.


I’m using a mp3 file, isn’t that supported?

Normally, you can take that upside down. If Audacity can’t play it, it’s not a normal MP3 file. There’s an INFO program you can use to tell you what you have. Looking.

You can also tell Windows to unhide file name extensions. This name management thing is handy until something goes wrong.


Hidden File Extensions - Windows
– Start > My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > [ ] Hide Extensions for Known File Types (deselect)
– Apply (to this folder) or Apply to All Folders
– OK


Get the program, not the installer.


If, after all that inspection it still won’t open, install the FFMpeg software.