'file format not supported'

I recently bought a sonywalkman nwz-e474 to replace my previous mp3 player.

I use audacity to transfer songs of cassettes that I recorded when I was younger. Up until last week this worked great. Record via audacity, save as an mp3 and upload to my mp3 player. But for some reason it no longer works. The songs play on my computer but not my walkman. It says they are not supported.

It is really stressing me out as I have no idea why this is happening. All my previous mp3 players have developed faults soon after I bought them and I am starting to feel I will never get one that actually works

Look at the Sony Manual and see what MP3 bit rate and sample rate it expects. See if it requires or does not support variable bit rate (VBR). See if it has restrictions on file length.

You can change sample rate in the Audacity “project rate” bottom left of the Audacity window.

You can change MP3 export bit rate and VBR by clicking the “Options…” button after selecting “MP3 Files” when you export.