File extension is added after export, in a way I don't want.

Hi! I’m using 2.2.2, and I have a weird esoteric issue maybe.

I want to export a file as .data, because I want to open it in an image editor, GIMP, right after (You can do weird things to images in audacity, and I do a lot of it.) and because the .raw extension, despite the file having the same file contents, means GIMP tries to interpret it as a different .raw that is not actually raw data but some photography format.

In shorter terms, I want to save as .data without the file turning into .data.raw immediately after. I can’t get audacity to recognise that .data is a file extension, or that I don’t want it to add .raw. Is there a way around this?

(For the record, I still want it to be like, U-Law, unencoded, etc. The only thing I want to change is the file extension; changing it in a file browser works, but requires many extra clicks and I edit a lot of these at once.)

It does work if you change it manually in Windows, right?


Yep. I realise It’s a fairly small complaint, it just adds 20% to the time it takes me to do stuff.

I always thought setting a dot in the export filename prevented Audacity from adding its own extension. Or is this Windows trying to manage the filename?

Do you have Windows set to show you all filename extensions?


I have windows set to show all extensions, but I think it’s audacity. Weirdly, I just found out that if I try to overwrite an existing .data file, it doesn’t add the .raw to the end. So I think audacity doesn’t recognise .data as a suffix (maybe because it’s four letters instead of three) and adds the raw as a part of saving it. I suppose for any other filetype it would make sense

I know it was a fairly common error that someone would put a dot in the middle of a filename not knowing what it would do. What it did was create a file with the extension “.256 my birthday party.” So I’m not shocked that Audacity checks your work now.