File>Export to MP3 or Wav

I do not have the option to “Export to MP3” or “Export to WAV” under File. Can anyone help me with why that is? I’ve already uninstalled and re-installed after I didn’t see them the first time thinking I downloaded an old version or something, but I have the newest beta version. I do have Vista, but everything else works fine, I can’t imagine that limiting my File options. Any other thoughts…

Click on Export from the file menu.
Click on OK in the metadata window (if it opens).
When you get to the Export dialogue screen (where you select the name and destination) select the required Export format.

To Export as MP3 you need to have Lame installed.
The standard 16 bit WAV format does not require anything special.
Some of the other file formats require FFMpeg to be installed and configured.

Wow…I got to that point, and clicked on Save sooooooo many times. Then I just canceled, because nothing worked. Hitting OK does the trick. Man that was easy. Thank you so very much!