File exists, but cannot hear anything

Hey guys,

i am currently writing my bachelor thesis and i had an interview on tuesday. I did a test record beforehand while the participant of the interview was on the phone. It worked out and so i started with the interview. After i finished the interview, my MAC went off due to low battery (16% -.-) and after i restarted the system, the file was still there but there were no waves or anything else, which would indicate that there is something on it. Indeed, i cannot hear anything, have the file and it can’t be that it did not work. I really need the interview asap. Please help me.

Greets from Germany,

Andy :slight_smile:

Please be more specific about what exactly happened.

Did you ever save this as an Audacity project (AUP) and were you trying to reopen the AUP file?

Or did you see an “Automatic Crash Recovery” dialogue and did you choose the option to recover the project?

Either way, leave the Audacity window open. If you must restart or shut down the Mac, force quit Audacity in Activity Monitor. This will keep any unsaved changes safe.