File dialogs won't open

Audacity 2.1.3 from installer, Windows 10 creators update.
After starting audacity, I cannot open the file dialogs. e.g. file->open, or ctrl+o give no result. So I tried opening audacity by selecting the audoi file in windows explorer and choosing audacity as the application. This went fine, until the moment I wanted to save the project. The file dialog didn’t show here either.

Previously I had no issue here, so it may be the new windows 10…?

I have the Creators Update and don’t have this problem. A recent report said this problem existed in an Insider build. See if there is anything in that topic that helps, notably resetting the Audacity Preferences, checking if an anti-virus application is the cause and doing a thorough anti-virus check.

Another thing you could try is right-click over audacity.exe wherever it is installed, choose Properties then click the “Compatibility” tab. Change the compatibility setting or try running the “Compatibility Troubleshooter”.


It looks as if someone else already filed a report in the feedback hub of Microsoft Windows. I orriginally had this issue with 2.1.X and therefore updated to 2.1.3, after which it was temporarily fixed. I only have the Microsoft defender installed, so no other security software. I also tried reinstalling, including resetting the prefixesincluding all kinds of compatibility settings, with no success unfortunately. I hope either the team or Microsoft will find a solution.

Perhaps you could use Event Viewer to see if an error is logged when you cannot open the file dialogues.

If you want to try it, does “” from have this issue? That version has the more modern “Vista style” save/open dialogues with Search box.


Yesterday I redceived an update to the Windows 10 insider build, that fixed the issue. The file dialog now opens again, and even stranger, it is now accessible again using screen reader. The previous time the dialog file names were just displayed as list item x of y.

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Thanks for letting us know.

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