File .aup turned to .au !!!

For my first using of audacity, that’s a disaster ! I recorded more than two hours of an interview. At the end I checked the file and all was ok. When I came home I put the the file .aup into the file case _data (certainly my big mistake). A new file case called e00 was created with into others file cases and a lot of short files, many pieces of five seconds of the interview. I can’t open the original file . aup anymore. Is it possible to go back to get my original file back ? I really hope so.

Pour ma première utilisation d’audacity, c’est un désastre ! J’ai enregistré un entretien de plus de 2 heures. À la fin j’ai vérifié le fichier tout fonctionnait bien. Quand je suis rentré chez moi, j’ai mis le fichier .aup dans le dossier _data ( certainement ma grosse erreur ). Un nouveau dossier nommé e00 a été créé avec à l’intérieur plein de petits fichiers, plein de morceau de 5 secondes de l’entretien. Je ne peux plus ouvrir le fichier original .aup. Est-il possible de revenir en arrière pour récupérer mon fichier original ? J’espère vraiment que oui.

Try moving the .aup file back to its original place.

Impossible here are the messages I have…

This section from the manual explains about the structure of Audacity projects:

en Francais:


The problem : the original file is 319ko where as the e00 is 2,3Go.
This link doesn’t help me. This is my first use of this application and there’s to much unknown for me. With the pictures I present you all, I think you can understand what’s going on. Is it possible to change the .au into the original .aup. I must also tel you , I did my interview in just one take. No cut.

What the manual is telling you is that an Audacity project is made up a .aup file and an associated folder containing all the files. The .au files contain little six second or so clips of the audio - the .aup file is like a recipe book telling Audacity how to assemble the project from all the little clips.

So you’re not “tuning au into aup” - you need both - and as Steve told you they need to be in their proper original positions - otherwise the recipe does not work


So what ? Does it mean I can’t recover my original version in one peace ?

If you move all those little .au files back into the Christian Leclerc_data folder it should work (unless you have deleted or moved any of the .au files.


If you move all those little .au files back into the Christian Leclerc_data folder it should work (unless you have deleted or moved any of the .au files.
As you said I have moved the .au files back into the Christian Leclerc_data folder with out any deleting or moving of uses .au files. BUT, if I try next to open my .aup file, the answer is

Do I have to chose after one of these two solutions Treat missing audio as silence… or Replace missing audio… ?

If I try to open one of these .au, choosing to open with Audacity, the message I get is

YEEEEEESSSSSSS !!! Thank you so much ! I put the .au into the data folder and all is Ok !!!

Phew… well done, bravo

glad you got it sorted.


What I would do for safety is to export a WAV copy of the whole project BEFORE you do any editing.

In future immediately after capture of an unrepeatable recording session save a similar safety copy as a WAV file.