Figure out channel name of each track ?

I have a 6 channel wav file, which was converted from a mka file (That mka was extracted from mkv)

I played that wav file in kmplayer, and load property window, and took a screenshot of property window.

As you see, it has Front L,C,R channel, and Back L,R,LFE channel.

Next I opened the wav file in audacity.

In audacity window, how can I figure out channel name (like Front L) of each track ?

If somebody forced me to guess just from the waveforms, I’d say Front, Front, Center-Dialog, LFE, Rear, Rear.

By convention, I think the Lefts go first. Let’s see how I do.


Most of the movie is in the center, so that’s the large, dense dialog track 3. LFE is frequently processed low and doesn’t have much to do. Four is the smallest track.


Thank you :slight_smile:
It seems audacity does not have such function yet. Hope this program can do it in the near future!

That is probably not possible.

There are standard channel allocations for different formats, but they are different for different formats and there is no guarantee that a recording actually uses the standard channels. Audacity just sees channels 1, 2, 3,… and could assume that the channels are “standard” for the format of the imported file but if non-standard channel mapping has been used when encoding, then Audacity has no way of knowing.

The tracks in your screenshot look like they are probably L, R, C, LFE, SL, SR