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J’ai un renseignement très simple à demander. On trouve dans le dossier Nyquist de Audacity un sous-dossier appelé “rawwaves”. Dans ce fichier, sont stokées des ondes dont la durée ne dépasse pas quelques millièmes de secondes.
Que peut-on faire de ce type d’ondes sonores? Même en utilisant la version de Audacity/Paul Stretch, il n’est pas possible d’étirer ces ondes pour obtenir une sensation sonores perceptible par l’homme car elles sont trop courtes. Que peut-on faire avec, alors?
D’avance merci pour ce renseignement.

Sorry I don’t speak French.

The “RAW” waves are intended for use by Nyquist in Nyquist plug-ins. They are not intended to be used directly.

Thank you steve for your answer.
Then, what plug-in Nyquist uses this type of wave? I have never seen a plug in Nyquist who would use a wave. I did not find a reverberation with convolution.

I don’t know of any plug-ins that currently use them, but they are part of the standard Nyquist distribution.
There is also a much larger set of waveforms distributed with the full stand-alone version of Nyquist which contains a set of drum samples, but this is not included with Audacity (they are available via links on the Nyquist home page).

Hello. Thank you for your answer. I found well audio files on the site of Nyquist. They are files in the format wave. They sometimes owed several seconds. On the other hand, I do not still understand why files in the .raw format are so short. For what use are they thus intended?
Sorry for the english.
Je serais reconnaissant à la personne qui utilise ces fichiers de bien vouloir m’indiquer dans quel contexte précis elle utilise ces fichier .raw.
D’avance merci.

The Nyquist programming language includes some libraries from the Synthesis ToolKit
The files in the RAWWAVES folder is fro use by some of these libraries (including some “physical models” of instruments.
There is some information about these libraries in the Nyquist manual: