Feedback with Audacity

v 2.3.0

Win 7-64. On board RealTek audio. Probably a simple resolution.

Playing a youtube music video, I open Audacity and start monitoring to possibly record. At a lower the db level it is fine but if trying to get the peaks to near 0db, I get major feedback (as if the computer’s audio system has two inputs instead of one?). Not sure how to resolve this. All Windows recording levels are at zero to get rid of an echo issue with Audacity. Sorry if I left out any important info. Been about 7 years since I have used Audacity. 'bit rusty.


Turn off [u]Software Playthrough[/u].

That worked great! Thanks.

Can you answer a related issue with the Windows mixer? The misc sliders are all tied to the Speaker volume. Anything you increase cannot go above the % volume of the Speaker slider, so anything else you increase also increases the speaker volume along with it. As a result, long before you get to the desired recording level, you are facing a 120db+ SPL!