Feedback on sermon editing

Apparently, I am not a newbie. I forgot to login for years. Anyway, as one in charge of recording, editing and uploading my church sermons, I am wondering if I could get feedback on how they sound. When recording via the soundboard, the recorded audio is a little low so I had originally only amplified it. Upon hearing that the quality still wasn’t good I looked up some things and have been doing compression, followed by limiter, then normalize. Yet, I am still not really feeling all that satisfied.

If you equalize using the frequency analysis as a reference,
that removes any bias which may be introduced by headphones/speakers, & operator’s hearing.

Anything after the fact? Would you want to see a sample? I had been meaning to put one up but I got buried under other work.

I recently discovered a cheap (~$25) automatic-equalizer plugin which works in Audacity (on Windows).
It analyses the sound spectrum (in real-time) and automatically applies equalization to correct it …
This automatic process is independent of any bias introduced by speakers/amplifiers/ headphones/ & operator’s hearing.
The trial version is free, but adds a spoiler every ~30 seconds.
Even the trial-version will always suggest an equalization you can manually reproduce in Audacity’s native equalizer.

Would that get rid of any sort of reverbing echoes as well?

That Hornet31 plugin won’t reduce reverb.
There are De-reverb plugins, but they are expensive & IMO only useful to dry up slight reverb.