Feedback on my remix?


Where is it? You can only post about ten seconds of sound as an attachment, so you need a file hosting company.


Forgot to put the link, had to wait for mod to approve my post before i could go back and edit it

Are you the lead vocal? We had one poster who wanted us to listen to “his song” and it turned out he only did the last eight seconds or something like that and most of the song was the original artist.

We got all excited and then somebody noticed the end of the song voice sounded a little off. That was him.

How did you do the dual harmonic parts and where did you get the song without the lead? Did you make it? That’s a very common request on the forum. “How do I make a karaoke version of this song?” Most of the time you don’t.


The chorus/hook is the original by Logic. I got the instrumental on youtube. The rapping was done by me, the dual harmonic i just stacked the vocals

That came out well. This isn’t your first time out, is it? It’s too smooth for a newbie.

I did add the NSFW note. The senior elves may decide to pull it down because of that. Can’t tell.


I been at it for 2 years and counting, what is NSFW note?

I been at it for 2 years and counting

I couldn’t tell what you were doing. The mix is very good. That takes some work.

Not suitable for work. Naughty words.


Audacity is a great tool if you use it in the right way! (:

if you use it in the right way!

That can be the hard part.

Schubert I think once said playing the piano was easy. “There’s the white keys and the black keys. You just push them in the right order. What’s the problem?”


The right timing is the problem.

Or as Eric Morecambe once said through gritted teeth to Andre Preview (Previn) in the famous sketch (now sadly blocked by dear old Aunty BBC on YouTube) :
"Im playing all the right notes, but not necessariiy in the right order … "

You mean:

Very funny indeed. “Grieg, him and him…”

Indded that one Robert - but that is now blocked in the UK - fortunatelt I still have a copy on my PVR


I’ll better store it away as well.
Sooner or later, it won’t be available for me either, I reckon.