Hello everyone, I’m new at this, so excuse my innocence of “not knowing”.

Well i just downloaded Audacity and got an Alesis Multimix 16 firewire mixer. After installing it and Opening the mixer in Audacity, i press record (following the Alesis manual, gain, volume, Aux, configurations, etc.) And i get this feedback (static, or some annoying sort ). How do i get rid of it? This is my first time mixing and using this kind of equipment so if thats the problem then…well can anyone please shed some light, ahaha. :smiley:


You didn’t mention anything about what your were recording with. Was it perhaps a microphone? Did you also have your speakers set to monitor the input? That could cause feedback.

Yeah I am using a microphone.Speakers? I’m using my laptop. What do you mean “monitor the input?”
Thank for your reply, I know how lame i sound :blush: but I’m trying to learn…

“monitor the input”

  • use a set of headphones or speakers to listen to the microphone signal that the computer is receiving.

You might also get feedback if you have “software playthrough” selected in Audacity’s Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O tab selected and are using the “Stereo Mix” or “Wav Out” (or similar) input instead of just the microphone signal.

If you’re using Windows, note that if you have Microsoft Sound Mapper selected as the input you’ll have to change the input source using Microsoft’s Audio device setup programs. Double click the speaker icon in the taskbar and Options → Properties to adjust the recording sources.

Cool, thanks, i will get right on it…