Fedora Linux 20 -- Audacity does not show audiofire 2 device

Ffado finds it OK and appears to indicate the correct running state, but it does not show up on the ‘diconnectable devices list’ (the USB symbol in the tray area). It shows up in the firewire utility, but does not identify it for some reason. Echo audio either stated or strongly implied that all I’d need to do is plug it in for Mac or Linux; clearly that’s not the whole story.

I’m not sure what is supposed to connect to what. Jack is installed, but I can’t get anything from that either. I’m sure I’m missing something. Am using KDE for desktop. Only 2 devices show up in device config for Audacity: jack and ALSA (I’m guessing that’s the inbuilt audio). I’m using a Dell m6400 laptop (it actually has a full-size firewire jack!).

Thanks for any help!

As a general rule, Windows and especially Mac have better support for Firewire audio devices than Linux.

If the operating system does not properly recognise the device then Audacity cannot use it. However be aware that if you connect an external audio device after launching Audacity, you must restart Audacity or use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices for Audacity to see the device.

As FFADO claims their driver “fully supports” Echo Audio Fire 2, I suggest you ask on the FFADO mailing lists . You may also contact Echo Technical Support .

Those are host API’s, not devices.

If Audacity saw the Audio Fire then choosing ALSA host you would choose the appropriate (hw) input device that represents Audio Fire in the third box of Device Toolbar . If you use pulseaudio, you would make Audio Fire the default pulse input in pavucontrol then choose “pulse” or “default” input in the third box of Device Toolbar.