Fedback Noise

I have been using Audacity for a number of months to digitize my vinyl without problems. But just recently, I am finding that by the time I get to the second side of an album, there develops what I can best describe as electric feedback noise. I have not changed the configuration of any of my cables, or moved any of my equipment. The Ion turntable is connected to my MacBook computer via the USB cable. The feedback is as if something is not grounded. It is winter here now, so I am also wondering if there is more static electricity that could be causing the feedback noise. In any event, has anyone had this happen, and what can I do to resolve the problem. Thanks.

Maybe something is not grounded - check all leads and connections.

If it’s in a cold environment it’s more likely to be condensation. If possible, move it to a warm dry room and allow plenty of time for it to warm up and any condensation to evaporate.