Feature Suggestion: Make Automatic Crash Recovery list sortable (by name)


Currently, when I startup Audacity (in my case org.audacityteam.Audacity 3.3.3, which is the Flatpak version), I get greeted with an Automatic Crash Recovery dialog because I have a few unsaved projects.

Unfortunately, I am unable to sort it (by name) and have to manually go through the list (which appears to be sorted in a random order) to find the project I want to recover.

Pic related, my Automatic Crash Recovery dialog:

Thanks in advance.

Recovery is really meant as en emergency escape tool for when Audacity crashes (or your computer crashes) while Audacity is running with open projects.

It is not really designed as a temporary storage mechanism for projects and thus I am pretty sure that Muse are very unlikely to approve of this Feature Request.

This also begs the question as to why you are not saving your projects while you are working on them? This, them, would give you sort-able names that you can assign.


That’s fine, but still… it’s presented as a list, and anytime you display a list of anything, why wouldn’t there be ORDER to that list?

Heck, I’d say it shouldn’t even be sort-able — it should appear already sorted in most-to-least-recent order. That would eliminate the need for this request. Why make the user have to sort items in their head?

If you want to pursue this further you will need to take it up with Muse as an Enhancement Request.

To do that you will need to add the Enhancement Request to Muse’s GitHub tracker:

That requires you to have a GitHub account, but those are free.