Feature request: Tracks -> Add New moves select, shouldn't

Feature request / discussion point:

When I have an existing selection and invoke Tracks → Add New, the selection moves from wherever it was to the new track (obviously a blank section), of the same time extents. This seems disruptive and non-intuitive. Why move the selection to a place we know is going to be blank? It seems it would only be useful if someone wanted to generate audio in the new track directly overlapping the existing selection, but how common a workflow is that?

I think either the selection should stay put, or if it’s deemed that Tracks → Add New is a disruptive action that should do something to the selection, it should Edit → Select → None, leave the editing cursor alone. Focusing on the new track seems clearly to be the correct behavior.

The way I figure it, the commonest action someone may want is that they’ve got a selection, then they want to shove it over into a new track, so they invoke Tracks → Add New and want to cut/paste, but by this point the selection has changed over uselessly to the new track.

In which case, why not just “Ctrl+D”?