feature request to import 2 files and render and mix 2 files

hi there, i’ve got a grand idea. i’ve thought of mix and rendering 2 files like ocean waves with all the music that i’ve got in the chain of commands. what i’m ask is that i want to import 2 files in audacity with the chain of commands. i’ll give you and example.

import: ocean waves as the default
and import one file that i like: select the files that you want the chain of commands import those files. like heart - nothin at all.
then mix and render it.

could you please do a some kind of plugin or some kind of command that import the deffalt file? just one?
and write mix and rendering plugin or something please do for me?. just visualize what i’m asking here.

1 file to mix and render and 1 file to import as default file that i will choose to use in the chain of commands.

can this be done please?

I don’t think you don’t need a new feature.

Import the ocean waves file into Audacity and File > Save Project… . This saves an Audacity Project (AUP file and a _data folder - the folder is just for Audacity to use internally).

When you want to launch Audacity, launch it by double-clicking the ocean waves AUP file, then you will already have your ocean waves sound. Then all you need to do is import your optional file. The new file and the ocean waves file will sound together as soon as you press Play. There is no explicit need to render them.


However, if you want to process multiple files at once, there’s always the option to create a Nyquist plug-in that imports the file and mixes it with the secondary file, indicated in the chain.
You can provide additional options such as the volume/balance of the two tracks and their starting points.
The only restriction is that the “default” file (ocean waves) has to be Wav or Aiff.

Presumably though when specifying the secondary file, its fully qualified path would have to be written out, because Nyquist plugins don’t have a file browser?

And the ocean waves file name is actually coded direct into the plugin?


i’m sorry but i’m no expert at programming yet. but may you can do file browser sure for importing multiple files yes. i know this seems to be complicated at the moment. i’m sure you’ll figure out the file browser for multi change and selected files with one other file that can be done.

Not directly, just a text input box. The parameter (the path) is defined when creating the chain and can thus easily be changed.
or simpler: you include the Nyquist prompt
First, enter something like

(scale-db -6 *track*) 
(scale-db -6  (s-read "c:\\demo.wav")))

into the Nyquist prompt and try it out.
Then, you can go to “Edit Chain”, add a chain and insert the Nyquist prompt as a command. Perhaps also an export command (for applying a chain to a folder).
IMPORTANT: both files have to be of the same format, i.e. stereo or mono. Also, the full qualified name needs two backslashes for Windows.