feature request for audacity to import wave form from images

hello there. i’ve got some i want to do but audacity doesn’t have it yet. i would like audacity to import waveform table from image that is complicated. like this circle-triangle. and i would like like the perferences to have customized options for image i want to export the audio file to that is shaped in. i’m see if i can transmute sound. this is type of alchemy i’m using. i pretty creative with music. add this option for advance or simple on screen in perference. this is a major improvment of sound. people can create transmuted sound. this is possible. this is my vision to create alchemy music. can you please put my request in? any one else want to put there input for this good idea? go head add your vote to this.

It sounds like what you want is “Photosounder” http://photosounder.com/

hello steve, yes something like that but, i need and open source vst for audacity instead. is there an alalternative to this photosound?