Feature Request: Effects as a modifier stack

Hey everyone! So this is merely a feature request that I had an idea for just recently. I propose that there be added a panel containing all of the effects performed on an audio track in the form of a modifier stack. So this way, if you’ve done a bunch of destructive modifications to a track, the modifier stack allows you to backtrack to anywhere without hitting Undo several times.

The way I see it, in the panel, any effect you apply to a track would appear in this panel with a start and end time. So let’s say I first apply a limiter to my track and then amplify a portion of the track. Both of these appear in the panel with the limiter effect at the top. If the limiter effect I applied is too strong, I would just have to change a value in the modifier stack instead of having to undo multiple times and reapply the effect with a different value. For me, this would greatly speed up my workflow (which isn’t very efficient or fast to begin with) and keep me from performing destructive edits to my audio.

What do you all think?