Fear to podcast/fear of the internet

I found a site, “archive.org”, to post an unlimited amount, for free! The site is a great site to utilize. Although when I was utilizing it, ca. Feb. 2015, they were inbetween an old-? and new-BETA system. As far as technical: it takes a little to grasp their system but I didn’t find it too difficult. The thing I found the most annoying is if and when you decide to delete an entry you need to email them the URL and request they delete it. But at this point I have decided to not share my podcast because truth has sadly become too controversial in the USA. Here is the bio from my last unreleased podcast:

Artist: Sacred Lost
Album: The Lost Podcast
Title: #6 Welcome To Your Cage (explicit!)/Feb. 7, 2015

Lost Podcast #6 Welcome To Your Cage (explicit!)/Feb. 7, 2015

Warning, explicit language!!

Live, personal, about what’s really happening in your world, my world, our world; Whose world? May contain adult language.

Topics (in order spoken):

A question of sanity
Podcast therapy
No one to talk to
The internet failing
Using user name versus real name
Facebook-world dread
Social networks are anti-social
Good things about the internet
Jim Marrs
Hollywood created matrix
What’s really going on
Poison was the cure
Lies everywhere
Dysfunctional internet
Beer brats
Is anyone sane?
Alcohol is bad (okay)
All inventions suck
Pharmaceuticals are bad
Move to Colorado
Smoke marijuana
People suck
Human facades
Respecting people is good
Anger is bad
Love is?
Where are our leaders?
Michael Rivero
Jesse Ventura
What is the solution?
Corporate subservience
I need to be part of something real
Idol worship
Human interaction
People don’t talk right anymore
Facebook friend buried alive vault
Facebook superficiality
The untapped potential of the internet
Hidden control of the internet
Truth podcasts
Unbeliever podcasts
“If your life sucks, you suck” - Suicidal Tendencies

30:33 Religions suck Jewish religion unknowns/hypothesis

Treading lightly on the Jewish religion topic here, for fear of being falsely branded an anti-semite by those who misuse such terms. Careful, careful, don't want to upset those hornets. And "anti-semite" is an absurd play of symantics because the most anti-semitic people I know of are the modern Israelians with their crimes against their semite neighbors the Palestinians and others.

All my religious references in this podcast are about religion not race!

Who can be proud to be part of any of these hypocritical religions/cults who are obviously infiltrated by corrupt entities. With world-wide power and influence (e.g., government, media, corporate) to brand and silence anyone who calls them out. The nazis never had it so good.

Topics continued: Religions: Jews Christians Muslims (Islam) 911 lies never confronted by religions Real organizations would question 911 Religion: Differences versus mutual meaninglessness No religions are true Heavy metal and beer Old friends new sell outs Challenge reality Corporate suck up versus non-corporate loser A corporate drone speaks An internal language of your organs High on the drugs they gave the pig I ate WW3 world war 3 three III WWIII WWI WWII one two three Depression and war

Dave is raving-mad … David Icke - RationalWiki

I’ve yet to hear him (David Icke) get ‘mad’ about anything or affiliate the “reptiles” with what the previous linked article insinuates with it’s covert semantics and overt demagoguery (I’d say that RationalWiki is mad, and biased, to say the least).

David Icke has interesting theories though, mixed with absolute truth you’ll hardly get anywhere else.! (And please, instead of a critique send a link to someone offering a better explanation to our collective human experience that is currently bordering true madness, unchecked as it is, as it has been.)

Relax and listen to archive.org’s David Icke Collection Of Interviews entries 15, 16, and 17 . Great “podcasts”, not great sound quality though, but the message should over-ride the lack of quality. Here’s the link: https://archive.org/details/DavidIckeCollectionOfInterviews

It’s a matter of public record that David Icke believes and promotes theories that include:

  • Powerful families, including the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Greenspan (Alan) and Bush families, date back to ancient Babylonian, Egyptian and Sumerian bloodlines.
  • These families have “been bred” to carry a genetic code that acts as a “conduit” for “demonic possession”.
  • These families practice black magic, including human blood drinking sacrificial rituals.
  • The practice of these (human) sacrifice and (human) blood drinking rituals by these families continues to the present day.
  • The purpose of these rituals are sacrifices to entities which feed of human energy and human blood.
  • It is through these families that the demonic entities, which exist in a parallel Universe just beyond the spectrum of visible light, control our world.
  • These “demonic” entities can take many forms, including “reptilian humanoids”.

Some think that these beliefs indicate great insight, whereas other think they indicate delusional psychosis.
Please feel free to check for yourself that I am not making this up. There are videos available on YouTube, in which David Icke puts forward these theories in person (or perhaps it’s a demonic lizard impersonating David Icke :confused: )

Either way, it has little to do with using Audacity :wink:

Yep, Audacity is at best a chameleon in disguise.