Faulty memory use by Audacity (or maybe SQLlite) [SOLVED]

Does anyone have a solution or diagnosis for the following. Should I report a bug ?

Use case:
I am digitizing some ~15 year old audio cassettes so I can put them into my cloud or onto audio CDs.

Problem Summary:
Towards the end of a 90 or 100 minute recording Audacity appears to be splitting each of the last few songs into 2 segments and showing these in wrong sequence, both on screen, played live and as exported .wav files.
I have monitored the audio from the cassettes as it has been input to the laptop. There are no problems with the source audio.

I have done all this many times with earlier versions of Audacity on both Windows and Linux PCs.
I play the cassettes on an elderly but operational cassette deck (remember Tandy anyone ?) and input the audio via a USB interface to my laptop (Dell XPS 13). I record with Audacity V3.0.2, save the .aup file from each session and transfer it via a portable USB disk to my desktop PC where I also use Audacity 3.0.2 to label the individual songs and export them to .wav files for burning to a CD.

I have done this for several cassettes so far but only one has show the behaviour described. I have digitized the “faulty” cassette twice with the same outcome.

My .aup file sizes are typically 1 – 3 Gb

Computers used
Desktop = intel NUC i5 with 16 Gb ram, running Kubuntu 18.04
Laptop = Del XPS 13 with 8 Gb ram running Kubuntu 20.04

My current Audacity version is 3.0.2
Desktop PC uses a flatpak version, laptop uses a snap.

Have I just done something silly myself ?
Should try version 3.0.3 ?
Should I try the appimage version rather than Flatpak or Snap ?

Do you want to post screenshots?

Could this be an alphabetizing issue?

Sorry all. There’s no Audacity problem here. Audacity has recorded exactly what was on the tape. The original tape is very old & faint and messed up in strange ways. I finally discovered that the song segments (as described) were out of sequence in the original material, though heaven knows how or why they got that way. (This was a live concert performance recording from 1994.)
Mea culpa & apologies for wasting people’s time with this.

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Thanks for the update JohnC48.
I’ll close this topic.