Fastidious images on VLC after conversion

Hi , I registered on this forum because i have an annoying problem , the problem is the following :
When i import a wav track in Audacity and export/convert on my desktop in mp3 or wav , when i try to open the file with VLC , the Christmas VLC logo (the one with the hat) is replaced with an image wich comes from Audacity.This happens when I compile the tab before the exportation/conversion (so when I insert my name , the name of my album , the year , the number of track etc) but this does not happen if i leave blank the tab.I ask to you , how can i solve this?

This is an example

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Where did you get Audacity? This is the official source for the latest version:

When it asks you if you want to reset everything, say yes.

Then run a good virus checker in extended mode. The one that runs all night.


Don’t add metadata in Audacity if you don’t want VLC to display something based on that metatadata. It’s a VLC “problem” not an Audacity problem.

If you don’t want VLC to display a background image at all, you can set that in VLC at Tools > Preferences… (set the radio button to display all settings, then look at Interface > Qt).

Or use another player.

If you wish to submit a request to VLC:


Hi , thanks for answers , i have downloaded Audacity obviously from the original site , i tried to remove the icon in preferences on vlc , but this procedure don’t work for these images , work towards the christmas logo.The xmas vlc logo is like the normal logo , in sense that there is no image attached to the audio file , and i want no image for my tracks exported with audacity , i will try to delete audacity and reinstall.I don’t understand why the moderator has removed the example image , i’ve posted the image to make people understand what i mean and maybe to find other unfortunate people like me.It is impossible that i’m the only person that have this problem , no one has ever heard of this?At any rate I don’t have viruses on my pc , so there is way to divide these images from my tracks?Thanks.

i have downloaded Audacity obviously from the original site

There’s nothing obvious about it. People post all the time having problems with bogus Audacity downloads.

It is impossible that i’m the only person that have this problem

It is, yes.

I don’t have viruses on my pc

Because you scanned it? We know you’re connected to the internet because that’s where you got Audacity and VLC. Only air-gap firewall machines are assumed to be uncontaminated.

If your VLC doesn’t manage the background picture correctly, maybe that’s where you should be looking. Does it still do that if you don’t use Audacity metadata information, just as a test?


I have reinstalled audacity (nothing) , i have reinstalled vlc and the problem vanished , i don’t know what is metadata but the problem is related to vlc’s metadata , in fact after the installation vlc told me something about his metadata and i took away the check in the box.This weird problem revealed itself after the filling of informations about the track in audacity (before the export) , with the empty sheet nothing happened , so a very strange “team game/play” between audacity and vlc done on purpose to make me sick :mrgreen: , thank you for your patience.

There’s no corporation in either case, so it’s like getting two armies of cats to cooperate.