faster spectrogram browsing for long files

once i recorded nearly 2 day long audio with tablet and copied it to windows laptop and browsed it with audacity with spectrogram view. i have seen that every time i zoom in to a shorter time like 1 hour or 10 minutes, shorter compared to full length, and when i move from one 10 minutes section to another, to left or to right, it takes some time, nearly 3 to 10 seconds, as i remember, to build a new spectrogram view. and when i browsed back to the place and zoom level i already visited, it takes again the same time to show that spectrogram section. so, seems, the browsed spectrogram sections are not cached. i think it would work faster if the spectrogram sections are cached. i have seen this nearly a year ago, and as i see i used audacity 2.3.1.

Audacity already does some caching. You can see this when using the “|<” and “>|” buttons (skip to start / end). The size of the cache is limited to avoid excessive RAM usage and avoid expensive cache bookkeeping.