Fast Forward

I LOVE this program, so don’t get me wrong

But it would be nice to have some sort of a fast forward button in the tape transport, and some kind of renderence of an anolog tape counter.

I might be missing something, and maybe this feature is there in the "snap to ??? " but if it is I cant get it to work.



IMHO It doesn’t really need a fast forward. You can place your cursor exacly wher you like and then play from there - zooming out helps with this - and you want want to zoom to fit the project to the screen. Much more flexible than a tape palyer’s FF/FR.

In 1.3 there is a new toolbar , the Selection Toolbar. This lets you enter times to move the cursor to.


If you have a wheel mouse:

Mouse wheel = vertical scroll (if you have multiple tracks)
Shift + Mouse wheel = horizontal Scroll (fast forward/reverse)
Ctrl + Mouse wheel = horizontal Zoom

You can also use:
cursor right and left keys to scroll horizontally.
comma and full stop (lower case “<” and “>” keys) to make small jumps left and right
Shift+< and Shift+> to make large jumps left and right
Home key = go to the beginning
End key = go to the end

Look in “Preferences > Keyboard” for a full list of keyboard short cuts.

Thanks all… and YEH !!! that new counter in 1.3 is God sent !!! Im in hog heaven :slight_smile:)