failure to record

HI, I am not a technological wizard but installed version 2.0 yesterday and all worked well. However I went to record today and it would not record - just a straight line on screen. The log referred to failing to find libraries. I uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity but no difference. I am probably missing the obvious - all suggestions gratefully received.

The “failure to find libraries” messages are about LAME and FFmpeg which are not needed for recording.

See if this helps:

– Bill

Thanks for your reply. I am still puzzled - I am on windows 7 and running an old Sony cassette recorder into the blue port on the computer; sound is coming out of the speakers when I playback the cassette recorder. I have opted for MME and Realtek High definition on the speakers and line in as these seemed the best options. Is there anything which I should be doing to show that I am using the cassette recorder?

Check your computer hardware carefully. My desktop system has a motherboard that includes sound (i.e. has jack sockets for mic, line in and line out) and also a separate sound card (with the same jack sockets). If yours is the same, you might have plugged the cable into the blue port on the motherboard and then selected the Realtek soundcard as your input device.

You can check which inputs are enabled on your computer by looking in the Windows Recording settings (see here: )

Assuming that the input you are using is listed and active, then you just need to match up the “Recording (Input) Device” setting in the Audacity “Device Toolbar” to the device that you are actually using.