Failure to launch

I have an imac 12.1 and I can not get audacity to launch from its icon. I’m new to macs so I do not know how to uninstall and then reinstall. Not eve sure if i need to do the uninstall. Can anyone help me please.

Re-installing won’t help. Please see this page for instruction on how to set your preferences so that Audacity will not try to load VST and AU effects.

– Bill

Thank bill I have it fixed now but i have another issue I installed lame so that i can export as mp3 and it will not save for me…I did type the ext. mp3 plus changed the extension in the format drop box do you think I should not have typed the mp3 ext…just in case it has two ext… like “.mp3.mp3”
thank you vry much for your help

Audacity will automatically add the .mp3 extension if you just enter the file name (provided that the file name does not contain any dots).

Did you get an error message or warning when trying to export as MP3?
What exactly (step by step) did you do, and what happened?

There is a FAQ that explains this, too: .