Failure on my part or Audacity's?

Hey guys, just another musician trying to record his work with Audacity. Now what my problem is that I’ve been importing files as raw data and all I’m getting is static. I have Audacity 2.0.0, I installed it through the .exe and I’m running on Windows 7 32 bit. What I’m trying to do is record audio on my computer using its basic recording software, transferring it to Audacity and editing it. I’ve done this before and never had a problem but only know run into it. I record my audio files and they save as .wma I’m not sure why this problem is occurring but the fact that I could record a song and it would show up all just static on Audacity. I would really appreciate any help possible.

To import WMA format files you need to download and install the FFMpeg libraries.

See here: