Failure of screen to follow cursor in playback

Thanks for your help, all.

I’m using 2.2.1 on WIN 8.1. Have been for years.

Recently, when editing in playback, the screen has failed to “flip” to follow the cursor. I’ve tried rebooting, and searched the pull-down menus, without success.

Example: I begin playback of a file (.aup) at 7:45. The size of the screen ends at 7:50. Formerly, the screen would “flip” to show the cursor when it moved past the 7:50 mark. Now, the screen remains showing the selection that ends visually at 7:50, even as the cursor moves beyond the visual area. This slows things down significantly when I’m editing.

How can this function be restored?

Look in Preferences for an option to “scroll when playing”. Sorry, I don’t recall where the setting is in Audacity 2.2.1
(the current version is 2.4.2)

go to preferences, tracks , check auto scroll if head unpinned