Failure in recording.

Failure picture.png
Dear Sir or Madam,

I configured the MOTU4pre( as the external audio card for a laptop and prepared to capture 3 tracks of audio simultaneously. But I fail in recording anything and see the attached pictures please. Could you give me some advice?

Thank you.


Unlike some applications, Audacity doesn’t record multiple simultaneous channels by opening three tracks and press Record.

For most hardware, Audacity on Windows doesn’t record more than two channels simultaneously unless you compile Audacity with ASIO support . Did you do that?

Your image shows that in Device Toolbar you have not chosen the ASIO host and you have set Audacity to record one channel.

In the third (input) box of Device Toolbar, exactly what MOTU Mic/line inputs are listed? If there is a “multi” device you may be able to record three channels by choosing the “Multi” input then choosing the maximum number of channels you see in the fourth box of Device Toolbar. This will record the maximum number of channels, then you can close the empty tracks you don’t want by pressing the [X] top left of the track.

If you only see one or two channels in the fourth box of Device Toolbar whichever MOTU input you choose in the third box, then you can only record a maximum of two channels at a time.