Failing mp3 uploader


I have pre audio mp3 cuts with intro and outro music. I am wanting to add additional track in the intro music of the cut.
I import the track to my original cut track, then select both tracks and mix them together. I then save the work and upload as an mp3 file with the same name as the original track cut name ie Ask Questions.mp3. When uploading as an mp3, the uploading box does not appear but it saves it in the file. When I select the cut file to play, it does not play but goes to end of track in winamp player.

Please help, :astonished: we have tried everything including tutorials and help content of Audacity with no success. Could it be the Audacity settings or track info?

I am having a lot of trouble with your terminology.

What do you mean “cut track”
What do you mean “upload as an mp3”?
“the uploading box does not appear” - what “uploading box”?

What exactly are you doing?

I have an mp3 audio track that I want to add additional audio to. When I go to mix the two tracks to gether, than save as an mp3 file, it does not play, no sound.

I’m sure we will be able to help, but let’'s start from the beginning:

“I’ve installed Audacity …(version) on … (operating system).
I’m running it on a … (type of computer).
Audacity is [working/not working] correctly when I import and play an audio file.


Then describe step by step what you are doing.

I know that this will take a bit of time to type up, but without this information I don’t know what you are doing, so I can’t tell what’s going wrong. I need to be able to reproduce your actions exactly so that I can see where the fault lies.