Failed to Retrieve data

I am using Audacity 3.0.0 on Windows 10.

I had an audacity file ready for the final edits and saving. When I went to edit out and delete a small section of the file it crashed with the following error. " Failed to retrieve data from the project file. The following command failed: SELECT dict || FROM Autosave WHERE id = 1;"

The file then closed and now opening it gives the same error. The file size is still large so I believe the data is still there.

I have the original files so I can reconstruct it but would prefer not. No recovery menu pops up just the error.

I was working with the file on a cloud drive but I’ve done that in the past the same way without problem. I did copy the file to the local drive and get the same issue and error.

Am I stuck starting over or is there a workaround?

cloud drive but I’ve done that in the past the same way without problem.

It’s not that cloud drives crash constantly, it’s that they’re “unstable.” Audacity likes to think each time it accesses a drive the conditions are perfect and constant. Cloud Drive access can change depending on the Time Zone of the storage and quality of Adult Entertainment your neighbor likes.

Audacity is not just being snippy. Regard Overdubbing where Audacity has to play and record to the drive both directions in real time. Not a good place for internet data negotiations.

Others will comment on your damaged file. Are you in English?


Yes I am in English.

And yes I know cloud drives can be inconsistent. Just sharing I’ve not had the issue before is all. (and I’ve got well over 800 files I’ve edited in audacity, but only about 10 or so in version 3.0.0).