failed to register plugin

im not able to enable any new plugins, when i enable it and click ok i get below error message :
effect or command failed to register

how to fix that please ?


Which version of Audacity?
Which version of Windows?
Which plug-ins?

I have this issue with audacity 2.3.2
And the issue cone with any waves plugin i try even 32 bit

The current version of Audacity is 2.3.3, which is available via the main Audacity website:
Upgrading Audacity will probably not make any difference regarding this issue, but it does fix a number of other issues.

Waves plug-ins often have “security” features that only allow them to run on authorised systems. It is therefore essential that the plug-in officially supports the host application. The Waves website lists supported hosts.
Example - “Abbey Road Saturator” Supported host applications:|tab-supported-hosts

i have done with cool way , i just re installed my waves plugins and now all fine

Thanks a lot for kindly fast response

It could be useful for other users if you say which of the Waves plug-ins work with Audacity (we know that many don’t).

I had the issue with any demo i try to install but now it is all cool