Fail to replace Audacity. [SOLVED]

When you try to move a folder, for example, to the desktop, appears:

That is, the folder does not transfer anywhere and recover from trash can. The latest alpha version.

What exactly does that message say? (in English)

The specified file can not be found.
Check if the path and file name are correct.
Is it just me? Previously, everything was fine.

You can only transfer individual files in a folder, and the entire folder can not be moved.

Please describe precisely (step by step) what you are doing.

1.Open: C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity
(which has been earlier installed from unpacking).
2. Try to replace folder (by the mouse) to the desktop.
3. And fail, see the picture.

Installed applications should not be manually deleted, you should uninstall them.

If you want a version of Audacity that can be run without being installed, get the ZIP version from here: and extract the contents of the zip archive to a location that you have read/write permission.

Please also note that “nightly” versions are not official releases and not intended for production work.

True, how to remove an old program, alpha version, except manually? It’s not in the list.Why I can not restore the audacity from the trash can (Recycle Bin, корзины)? The same picture.

The Windows nightlies are ZIP files. Even if you extract them to Program Files it is not an “installation” that Windows will see (unless you are extracting into an earlier installation made using an EXE installer of Audacity).


Imagine, I’ve downloaded the program, just deleted it without unpacking, and I can not restore it from the recycle bin because of this message. How can it be? Please, correct.

I think you need to correct it yourself, or download the file again. If you are restoring to Program Files you will need Administrator permission.

Windows problems on your computer are nothing to do with Audacity.


Well, I’ll overinstall Windows through 2 weeks and overcheck the problem. Please, don’t lock the topic.

I’ve reinstalled the system, the problem has been solved. The topic can be locked.

Thank you, I have marked the topic [SOLVED] and locked it.