fade out

good morning,can i do a fade out to 10 mp3 together?


Together??? Do you want to process 10 files at a time?

I think you can do that with [u]Batch Processing[/u], but I can’t help you because I’ve never used batch processing. And for only 10 files, it’s probably easier to do it one at a time.

FYI - MP3 is lossy compression, and when you edit an MP3 file with a “regular” audio editor (like Audacity), the file has to be decompressed and then go through a 2nd lossy compression step when you re-save. You may not hear any quality loss, but it’s something you should be aware of. There are a few special-purpose MP3 editing programs, such as [u]MP3DirectCut[/u], that can fade and do other simple editing without decoding first.